The Perfect Gift for Our Parents

My parents are going to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary in a few weeks, and us kids wanted to do something special for them. We decided to give them a night that they will cherish for years to come. They both love going to the theater, but they rarely do because they don’t like the drive there. That is where we came in with our surprise. We had looked up the different limos that Paradise Toronto Limo has in their fleet, and then we got some quotes right from the website to make sure that we were not planning something that was not affordable for us.

My brother, two sisters and I are all going in together on this gift because there are so many parts to it. Continue reading

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Deals on a Party Bus Rental

I would like to look up the best deals that are currently available for party buses in this area, because I will have need to rent one in the near future, and I would like to go ahead and get that set up and reserve a party bus for the day in question, so that I can be certain that there will actually be available when the time arrives. Therefore, I have been for the past 10 minutes or so and tyring to figure out which option suits my needs the best. I am not exactly sure how many people we will need to have on the party bus, but at the moment I think it is looking like about 15.

I see some options that only hold 12, so maybe something slightly larger will be available. Continue reading

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We Just Got Back from Buffalo

In fact we went to one of the casinos in Niagara Falls first, then we went to watch an NFG game in Buffalo NY. We were gone from after work on Friday until late Sunday evening. One of my friends arranged for us to use a party bus from Platinum Toronto party bus and they took us the whole trip. It must have been really expensive, but that was all on him. It was his birthday and his family has money in the real sense of the world. They have been rich forever, so that it is not only his family, but also a couple dozen cousins as well. At any rate he just turned 21 and that is big number for any young man. Continue reading

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A Limo Bus for the Ride Home

I knew that I was going to rent a Platinum party bus in Toronto, but I was not sure which one I was going to get. I only needed it for about six hours, and I wanted it to match the occasion. See, my father is flying in from Spain, and there are so many people who want to be at the airport to greet him home. He is a missionary who has been traveling internationally for nearly six months, and he has so many family members who did not want to miss his arrival back home.

I looked at the different party buses that would hold up to 24 people, and I was impressed with all of them. However, this one had to be just right for my father, so I went with the Ford F550 limo bus. Continue reading

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A Limo for Our Daughter’s Wedding

I knew that we were going to rent a limo for our daughter’s wedding, but I just was not sure which one. When my husband and I were married nearly 30 years ago, we had rented a limo for our bridal party. We still talk about that from time to time, which is the reason why we wanted to make sure she had a limo for her special day too. The company we used was out of business, so I did a search for limo companies in our area, which is how I found out about the Toronto limo bus.

I must live under a rock because I had never heard of a party bus before. As soon as I saw the pictures of one though, I knew that it was what we wanted to do for her. Along with the memories of having fun in our limo were the memories of it being awkward for us girls to get in with big dresses on. With the party bus, this would not be an issue at all for anyone. Continue reading

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Traveling Across the Border Has Been Fun

I have spent my entire life in the US and did not have a chance to visit another country until recently. My boss said that I needed to get a passport as soon as possible because they wanted me to start traveling to our Canadian office once per month. It’s located in Toronto. Considering that I do not drive, he said that they would let me use a limousine service for Toronto travel so that I would not have to worry about getting around.

I felt a little bit ashamed that I did not know how to even go about getting a passport, but I did not mention that to anyone. I went home that same night and researched it on the Internet. I needed to get one as soon as possible, so I paid for expedited service to get one more quickly. Apparently it cane sometimes take a few months, but expediting the process by paying a fee would mean that I would have the ability to receive it in just a few weeks time. I figured that it would be best that I did not take my time in getting on.

I have to say that I found Canada to be rather interesting. There was so much to see, and much of the city looked very much like many other cities in my own country. Yet they also had some beautiful buildings there that had an old world charm to them that the buildings in my area does not have at all.

The food in the city was great. I did not have one bad meal when I was there. I even made sure to ask at every restaurant that I went to about what dishes on the menu were popular with the local residents. I found a lot of great restaurants that I will be sure to visit when I go back again in the future.

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