A Limo Bus for the Ride Home

I knew that I was going to rent a Platinum party bus in Toronto, but I was not sure which one I was going to get. I only needed it for about six hours, and I wanted it to match the occasion. See, my father is flying in from Spain, and there are so many people who want to be at the airport to greet him home. He is a missionary who has been traveling internationally for nearly six months, and he has so many family members who did not want to miss his arrival back home.

I looked at the different party buses that would hold up to 24 people, and I was impressed with all of them. However, this one had to be just right for my father, so I went with the Ford F550 limo bus. The main reason I wanted this one is it looked more luxurious and classy than the others. The others are definitely nice, but they have more of a party atmosphere, something my father would probably not understand. The seats are a brown leather, and the absence of a dance pole is definitely a plus for this particular limo bus.

There is a bar that goes around the limo bus, but it does not have to be stocked with alcohol. If this was for a bachelor party, I’m sure it would be, but this is just to give a man who was severely missed by his loved ones a chance to have all of us together on the ride from the airport. We are not taking him straight home though. He is going to have the spaghetti meal that he has desperately missed at his favorite restaurant, and then we are taking him for a short sightseeing tour around the city to show him some changes. I am just glad he is home!

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