Get in Shape before Your next Vacation!

If you’re planning your next vacation you may be a bit worried that you’re not in good enough shape to do all the things you’d like to do while at your destination. Walking on guided tours, hiking around a historical attraction, even visiting a renowned museum can be exhausting if you’re not physically fit, but how do you get in shape? Here are a few tips to get you on your way to better health before you head out the door to your vacation destination:

Join a gym. If you’re the type of person who motivates best when you’re in a group or away from home, joining a gym may be the perfect way to get in better shape. Most facilities have fitness instructors who will help you make a personal fitness plan and help keep you motivated by showing your progress every week.

Make your own gym. If you like working out but not in public, consider setting up your own gym area at home. Whether it’s just a yoga mat in the corner or a basement with the greatest exercise equipment available, a home gym can be the perfect solution because it’s always available.

Walk yourself into shape. Walking is the perfect exercise because most everyone can do it to some extent. You don’t have to start out counting miles; you can even go to your local grocery store and walk the aisles a few laps if it’s raining outside. Start with a walk around the block and add a bit of distance every day. Use a simple pedometer or a fitness tracker to chart your progress, and pick up the pace once you get up to walking a mile or so a day. You can even add ankle and wrist weights to your walking routine to condition specific areas of your body as you go!

Ride a bike. You probably cruised your entire neighborhood when you were a kid, and you can go even farther as an adult. You don’t have to start out with a fancy mountain bike; look for a plain model to start with until you decide what type of biking you enjoy the most. You just might end up in a race!

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