I Won Our Corporate Event and Got a Luxury Cabo Rental in Mexico

I had never been to Mexico before when my firm offered a contest to win a luxury vacation for myself and family. I ended up winning the corporate contest and we stayed at luxury Cabo rentals in Mexico that are unlike anything I have ever experienced in a vacation before. I have seen pictures of infinity pools, but I never experienced one before. The warm climate of Mexico and the beauty of the Los Cabos lodging we were staying at will not soon be forgotten. I like vacationing where it is warm and we make our own fun. I am not into vacations where it is all about touring public places or participating in your regular public entertainment. I go with my wife and children to visit the theme parks, but I really like it when we just get a a place to spend a week enjoying the sun and water. One of my favorite times is just sitting next to a fire pit enjoying conversation with my wife.

When I was young, we had that when we went tent camping. Well, now I prefer a nice bed, a spa tub to relax my older bones in and a nice pool to swim in when the sun is hot in the sky. At night, I want a high-end mattress to sleep on in a room that has air conditioning. Some island destinations only rely on ocean breezes for cooling. I like the mountains and cabins that have a rustic look but are packed with modern amenities and conveniences. Yes, I want my Wi-Fi on vacation and a gourmet kitchen.

When we won and got to stay at luxury Cabo rentals in Mexico, we got to bring a couple who are friends of ours and their two kids two. We enjoyed our time together, and the kids played all day long every day. They slept great at night there. The place we got in Los Cabos was our secret getaway. The luxury gave us more than the comforts of home. It is more than what you would expect at a top-rated resort, and it is much more private.

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