The Perfect Gift for Our Parents

My parents are going to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary in a few weeks, and us kids wanted to do something special for them. We decided to give them a night that they will cherish for years to come. They both love going to the theater, but they rarely do because they don’t like the drive there. That is where we came in with our surprise. We had looked up the different limos that Paradise Toronto Limo has in their fleet, and then we got some quotes right from the website to make sure that we were not planning something that was not affordable for us.

My brother, two sisters and I are all going in together on this gift because there are so many parts to it. We are getting them the limo, theater tickets, dinner at their favorite restaurant in the city, and then a night at a fancy hotel. When we got the quotes back from the limo company, we knew that we would definitely be able to do this. We talked with the limo company to make sure they would be able to help us pull this off.

All we are telling our folks is that they are being treated to a night they will remember forever. We told them to get dressed up and let us take care of the rest. The limo is going to pick them up at their house and drive them to the theater, where they will get the tickets to the show they both will enjoy. Then, the driver is going to take them to the restaurant, where we arranged for someone at the restaurant to escort them to a table on the balcony. The driver is then going to take them to the hotel room, and we will meet them there for breakfast the next morning. I know they are going to love this gift!

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