We Just Got Back from Buffalo

In fact we went to one of the casinos in Niagara Falls first, then we went to watch an NFG game in Buffalo NY. We were gone from after work on Friday until late Sunday evening. One of my friends arranged for us to use a party bus from Platinum Toronto party bus and they took us the whole trip. It must have been really expensive, but that was all on him. It was his birthday and his family has money in the real sense of the world. They have been rich forever, so that it is not only his family, but also a couple dozen cousins as well. At any rate he just turned 21 and that is big number for any young man. However for him it means that he gets access to one of his trust funds and obviously he was in the mood to spend some of it once he could get his hands on it.

At any rate we had a really great time down there. We went to a couple of shows and obviously we gambled. I was down a good bit at one point in time, but by the time we left I had won back all of the money that I had lost and wound up winning enough money to pay for the food and drink bills that I had run up down there. The truth is I got into a poker game with this game who had gotten a little drunk and was playing wildly. I would have felt badly about taking his money, but if I had not done it some other person would have been there to take my seat. You can drink while you gamble, but you are wise to never lose control over yourself when money is at stake.

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